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by Cam B Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:39 pm
Coming towards the end of the season and getting on for couple of years into the role I’ve decided to step down as the Club Racing Secretary. I’ve enjoyed doing it but other commitments has made it difficult for me to do all the tasks associated with the job. I have hardly been able to get to any committee meetings and haven’t been able to take a lead on training rides as much either. The job actually isn’t quite as big as it once was since David Short stepped up to take on the TT stuff. So.... what is involved is:

- You become a member of the committee so you get to go to committee meetings (something I haven’t been able to do I’m afraid)
- You become the contact person for BC and LVRC
- You determine the club's race programme for the year ahead. In the last few years some of the people who actually race have worked this out over a drink. I think this needs to be done again? We did manage to put on 3 open road races this year which is quite an achievement for any club I think but the last minute issues re: getting sufficient volunteers make me wonder about the appetite for road racing within the whole club so I think there some thought needed here about the future direction. There may be some scope here for some creative thinking about how we recruit new volunteers from within the club! You also need Organisers to pull each event together and race organising isn’t something necessarily that should come with the job of the Racing Secretary.
- You need to deal with or at least support the Race Organisers in liaising with First Aid and Traffic Management providers for the club's events – Dead easy to do
- You need to keep an overall eye on event budgets, but individual event organisers are expected to keep records anyway.
- You need to keep track of event signage/race numbers etc. Most of the signage is kept in Dave I'Anson's shed, so it basically means checking we've enough of everything, ordering up replacements if needed, and ensuring it's available for the first event organisers in the spring.
- You need to take a lead in organising the Saturday training rides.

It shouldn’t take up loads of time and none of the above is “rocket science” or particularly difficult. Why am I stepping down then? Well....Like everyone else in the club who helps out I do this in my spare time and what with mounting challenges at work its proven difficult to even get out on the bike for a ride (which is what I like to do!) so I have to let this go for the time being. I also think that it may benefit from a change. Although I have not being doing it too long I have attempted to follow a similar template as my predecessor I (although I have not done this in as consummate a fashion as Phil  ) new ideas and fresh impetus needed I think 

This is not about me dropping out of the club altogether and I am happy to offer what help/advice is needed to the next incumbent 

Form an orderly queue and...... stop pushing at the back 
by PhilBixby Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:39 am
C'mon folks! A week? 0 replies?!?

Cam's done an excellent job over the past couple of years. It does take up a bit of time, but shouldn't be a huge burden with a bit of support from everyone else who benefits from the races this club - and others like it - organise. I can think of lots of people who fall into this category and who could take it on - get volunteering before I start listing names! I'm happy to take on the LVRC race organisation as Nigel is moving on to organise a new vets race with Cycleworks. Session at the pub to thrash out roles, and work out what direction people want the racing side of the club to take next?
by mart66 Mon Sep 12, 2016 7:16 pm
Well done Cam for managing to get the races up and running for the last couple of years. It's been quite a challenge with dwindling support.

I've barely raced this year and I'm not sure if I will be next season. I have no idea how much time I'll get for 'cycling related activities' next year so I can't commit to this role.

I think the future of road racing within the club definitely needs to be discussed (in the pub preferably).

by mart66 Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:16 am
Not much appetite for this then!

It does sound like a daunting role.

If no one wants to do it can we survive without a racing secretary? The organisers look after their own races and Saturday rides pretty much sort themselves out. It's not ideal but a possibility?

Our problem is that we only have a handful of guys who actually road race (I don't include myself in this these days) so therefore have a small amount of people with the desire to help out. I am always amazed and extremely thankful when non-racers give up their time to help.

We haven't attracted any new racers to the club. We're pretty welcoming so don't think that's an issue. We've got competition now from Cycleworks and Velo Club York. They seem to attract people to their CG's and training rides. I wonder whether this is because they do everything 'full gas'! These youngsters tend to be adrenalin junkies after all. :shock:

Not to take away form the Clifton CG by the way which is bl**dy hard.

Will there be a meeting or should we just discuss on here?

by Cam B Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:43 pm
Doesn’t sound like there is much of an appetite for a pub session. The 3 of us could continue this discussion on here indefinitely I suppose? :)

Yes...I think we can survive without a Racing Sec. ....Jobs could be shared out perhaps?
Just my thoughts but you have:
Race Organising;
Checking we have enough equipment for races;
Marshal recruitment;
Getting sponsors for race events;
Advertising and taking a lead on Training rides;
Advertising and taking a lead on chain gangs.

I think we have to decide what races we put on first. To do that you need people to organise and volunteer. In past we ‘ve taken an approach of deciding what races we want to do and then hoping people will come forward to help. I know it’s a perennial issue but we did take it to the wire this season. Perhaps a new approach and bit of imagination called for here?

The race programme i.e. LVRC race and BC race on same day plus one of the NYERRL races is not set in stone (we scaled it down from year before when we put on 2 NYERRL races). We could drop the 2/3/4 BC race leaving just the LVRC race plus the NYERRL race? BTW Phil.... Thanks for sticking your hand up to organise the LVRC race again. Assuming it will be sometime in June happy to help on the day in setting up, signing on, driving or marshalling and anything else in the run up.

Equipment wise...I think we’re ok...New race nos. bought last season. I did purchase what I thought were a bargain in 2 big bags of safety pins over t’internet. You know how things look bigger on a PC screen? Well these safety pins turned out to be tiny and only fit for “The Borrowers” we probably need some more safety pins!! :)

Re: our rides. I understand that often these rides just happen but it’s probably important that they are posted either on the Discussion Board/Facebook and in the general email that goes out to members every week. I learnt about the training ride thru the website after all... as did many of you I guess. If we want to attract new, budding racers to the training rides that’s one of way doing it I suppose.

I’d rather have a break from race organising next season if poss. I’ve organised 6 of them in the last few years. I’d be looking to get out on Saturday morning for a Training ride over the Autumn and Winter and would be happy to start posting something on the Board to try and get it re-booted....unless loads of you are pitching up at the Square week in and week out already? Happy to offer advice to anyone who fancies having a go at Race Organising. As said before, it’s really not v. difficult. You just need to be...well....fairly “organised”. :wink:


by RichT Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:46 am
How about meeting up at Brigantes at 8pm on Monday 3 October?
by PhilBixby Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:24 am
Good man. It's in my diary...
by Cam B Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:33 pm
I'll be there
by craigdabrown Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:29 am
Hi guys,

We had a Committee meeting last night and I did say that I'd come along to your meeting, if that's ok, to find out what your plans are for racing next season and to see if you needed anything from us.

However, just realised that RichardT is going to be in attendance anyway, and he has kindly agreed to report back any outcome/requirements.

Just for your information, we plan to hold the O.G.M. around Wednesday the 16th. of November.

by mart66 Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:50 pm

I wont be able to get there, I'm afraid.

Please post up outcomes.


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