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by PhilBixby Sat Jun 04, 2022 11:18 am
Hi folks - this is a bit of advance notice plus a request for advice.

I'm going to be selling my Cervelo S5 soon - lovely and relatively comfy though it is, it's really a race bike and is set up for it with SRM powermeter and general attention to aero detail, and I'd rather it was being used by someone with a number on their back. Plus whenever anyone sees me on it they clearly think if i'm not going as fast as them I'm not trying hard enough - so I'm getting something a little less conspicuously speed-focused and the S5 will be available as soon as Cycleworks get the bits to assemble my new bike. So the question:- aside from here (presumably), where is the best place to advertise it for sale?

Many thanks for any suggestions!
Phil B

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