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by DavidShort Thu Aug 13, 2020 11:30 pm
The results of this evenings TT are as follows;

1. Phil Graves CCC 20.44
2. Alistair Kay YCW 22.19
3 Sam Cockerill CCC 23.18
4.Sean Lawson CCC 23.23
5. Martin Willan CCC 23.34
6. Alexander Lee CCC 24.26
J7. Daniel Kemp CCC 24.35
J7. Marcus Cockerill CCC 24.35
J9. James Browne CCC 24.39
J9. Mark Laughton YTC 24.39
11. Alex Robinson CCC 24.42
12. Denholm Edwards CCC 25.19
13. Neil Kerry CCC 25.39
14. Patrick Havercroft. CCC 25.45
15. B Mason YCW 25.47
16. Francis Hirzel CCC 25.52
17. Andrew Mason. CCC 26.08
18. Cian Lownes YTC 26.18
19. Rebecca Dawes RFDA 26.45
20. Andy Wilkinson YTC 26.51
21. Bruce Swan YTC 27.04
22. James Fisher CCC 27.07
23. Nathan Smith CCC 27.10
24. Simoin Richardson YCW 27.26
25. Ian Hampton CCC 27.30
26. Benjamin Avery CCC 27.40
27. Michael Jeffrey YCW 27.53
28. Ewan Kerry CCC 28.02
29. Harry Speak CCC 28.09
30. Jim Buckford YTC 28.18
31. Lewis Johnson YCW 28.20
32. Chris Watson YTC 29.17
33. J Mason YCW 29.40
34. Julie Rooks YTC 29.46
35. John Archer YTC 30.13
36. Kitty Boyes YTC 31.19
37. Jayne Fligg YTC 34.29
38. W Lampitt YCW 35.44

Well done everyone. An excellent turn out yet again and we were able to enter all competitors.

Please not that next weeks event will commence with 1st rider away at 7pm. We are having to bring the time forward due to the failing light at this time of year. Also, in addition to rear light, which is obligatory, may I encourage riders to display a front light as well. A lorry driver mentioned to the time keepers that oncoming riders were very difficult to see in the tree lined section approaching the finish line. Many thanks, as always to Bernard, Dave and Graham for time keeping and the marshals whose names escape me, ( its very late now and its been a long day).

Kind regards David
by MarkL Fri Aug 14, 2020 6:30 am
Thank you, David for organising and also to the timekeepers and marshals.

Good call about the light, it was quite gloomy last night.

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