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by craigdabrown Tue May 07, 2019 7:21 am
Just a reminder that our 2019 Thursday Evening SPOCO TT Series kicks-off this Thursday, the 9th. of May, on the Sutton Course.

The season opener flat 10 is always very popular and everyone is welcome, especially junior and women riders, whose numbers have increased steadily over recent years. If you've never competed in a TT before then why not give it a try? There's plenty of help and friendly advice available to support first timers.

David Short is organising the first event, thanks David, and a big thank you to everyone who has already volunteered to timekeep and marshall on Thursday. We have the minimum number of marshalls required for this course but it would be great to have a couple of extra people along on the night to help with additional marsalling, pushing-off and timekeeping duties.

Going forward, it is imperative that we have organisers, timekeepers and marshalls in place as early as possible for the other events in the Series and you can volunteer by adding your name against the appropriate Role in the Event Spreadsheet. Organisers receive £25 and Timekepers £10.

Sign-on starts at 7pm with the first rider off at 7:30pm and it's £5 for seniors, £2 for juniors.
by DavidShort Wed May 08, 2019 3:09 pm
Hi Everyone,

Here we go! The 2019 Thursday evening SPOCO TT series starts tomorrow evening on the popular Sutton 10 circuit. Many thanks to Craig for beating me to it and posting up details. Its great to see we have a full compliment of officials without 'chasers' having to be sent out. Lets see if we can keep this trend going for the rest of the season!

Just a few house keeping points for the smooth running of tomorrow night's event. Please would competitors bring either £5 notes or change in coins to pay for entries. We don't carry a float and being presented with a load of £10 notes will cause me a headache!

The lay by where everyone normally parks is now home to big piles of chippings no doubt in readiness for the Council's surface dressing programme. I would urge competitors to park in the village hall car park in Sheriff Hutton and ride down to the start. A nice warm up before the event and cool down afterwards.

Finally, safety is absolutely paramount. Last year we had a problem with a competitior, ( not a Cliftonite), who failed to heed marshalls warnings at the roundabout in Sutton village, resulting in a near miss with a car whose driver no doubt would not have been left with a favourable impression of the event. I had firm words with the miscreant so hopefully it won't happen again. Our events are not on closed roads, all the rules of the road apply.

It is YOUR responsibility to act accordingly.

I would also strongly encourage competitors to display a LED rear light to improve your visibility and safety.

See you all tomorrow evening for what I'm sure will be a great start to another succesful season.

Kind regards David
TT Sec' ( pending appointment of new secretay).

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