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by Jon G Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:02 am
I’m not sure why there were only 5 takers for the ride to Rievaulx on Saturday :roll: weather might have had something to do with it :lol:well done to Craig, G, Ian H, and John B. we slowly got wetter and wetter until we were squeezing water from our gloves :D . Was feeling ok until the top of WHB when the combination of temp, being wet and descending meant the cold was setting in. Took the decision to continue to Helmsley and was grateful to get out of the rain. Had warmed up slighty on our departure and the conditions improved on our return to York . Square to square only just over 60 miles but and had resort to riding up and down road to get to 100 miles on my return home. Having made the effort to go out no way I was stopping on 98.5 miles door to door :lol: . A warm shower never felt so good :D . In some ways always feels more gratifying to get out even in those conditions. Better for the soul then the turbo :wink: . See you all next week :D
by Rob Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:48 pm
Sunday gang had things somewhat better weatherwise. We got a soaking between Market Weighton and Driffield, but otherwise a fairly dry ride albeit on very mucky roads. We went round anticlockwise for a change, making even our regular lanes feel rather unfamiliar. There are no real back-breaking climbs on this ride, but we were all feeling the fatigue by the end. Satisfying ride.
Plan to head for the Osmotherley mountain road next week......

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