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by Rob Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:00 pm
Winter road bike with wide tyres, cross bike, adventure bike, mountain bike - all good.
Bring plenty of spare tubes and a sense of humour.
0900 departure from the Square.
I'll plot a route to the north. As many tracks and bridle paths as possible. We'll adapt it as we go to get back around 3-4pm. Don't know how far that'll be..... 100k?
There'll be a quick cafe stop somewhere.
Hope you can join us.
by Dr Dave Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:59 pm
Pouring rain all day forecast. Best of British everyone :shock: :lol:

Keep pedalling!
by Rob Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:59 pm
Well, luckily 4 of us didn't listen to Dr Doom above and had a great ride. We all know that it's rare that we regret getting out, and today turned out to be pretty comfortable once we were out there and keeping moving. We left tarmac at the level crossing on Strensall Common and from there it was a pleasingly high off-road percentage. High Stittenham, Terrington and into the Castle Howard AONB. Lots of tracks that we used to ride on the MTB on Wednesday evenings. It was muddy, but only shallow mud(!) and we were able to crack-on nicely. The ridge path was particularlt rewarding - from Hovingham all the way along to Eastthorpe.

We were too wet and muddy for a cafe stop, so opted for a non-stopper - getting back by about 1-30. Just 85k, but legs feeling the buzz.

Thanks to Arvid, Mussy and Steen for the company.
by paulM Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:26 pm
Yep great ride. Weather was nothing that 3 tops and 2 waterproofs couldnt cope with and the conditions were such that the rain was suitably heavy to wash all the mud away. So yes as previously described it was a mountain bike ride on our road bikes that included a ride out and back. Barely a foot down all morning and I was happy with the lack of cafe stop, and I dont often say that, and with the gift of time back! Just needed the pre wash setting on the washing machine. Thanks for organising Rob.
by ClaireG Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:24 am
Just Dave I'A and myself turned up for the K ride on Saturday. We left the square with 6 of the Inters, who were heading out towards Settrington and taking their route from there.
Dave & I thought a big anti clockwise route would keep a tailwind as long as possible and hopefully meet a falling headwind on the way home.......
That was our theory anyway, which seemed to work and appeared our best option, other than riding North all day to Middlesborough, with a tailwind and then phoning for a lift home :wink:

As is often the case, the wind was not as strong as it sounds when you are inside your house and on the plus side, it kept all the 'fuddy duddy' drivers off our lanes, for a quiet day :D

We parted with the Inters at Birdsall and looped on together beneath Settrington to Malton, then across to Coneysthorpe, East Ness and had 42miles on clock by Nunnington cafe - always a favourite for fish finger sandwich and cake stop.

Standard route home via Caulkleys, Hovingham, Freewheel descent and Farlington. Most of the time. changes in direction or hedges and trees sheltered us and on the 2 exposed sections we cracked on in singles.

Finished with 67 miles and a good catchup with Mr I'A after his French sojourn.

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