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by Rob Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:20 pm
Guys, just joining up the dots....

You'll have seen on another thread that Steen and I are unable to lead the Sunday ride for the next three weeks. Then I've spied on the email that some of you are planning a ride on Sunday, though I'd be assuming a start time. Could you please post details on here: "x and y are leading the Sunday Ride this week, Ilkley, 130km, 0900 as usual from the Square..." Maybe start a new thread to make it stand out. This is a lovely, club-spirited thing to do.

We tend to get a few new riders at this time of year. Students arrive at the Uni, racers finish their season and look for sociable riding and beginners look for a club after a summer of solo pedalling. Please look after them and we'll turn them into new shiny Cliftonites.

Thanks, and in sport
by Dr Joe Sat Sep 08, 2018 7:31 pm
Fair point, I think Rob the reason this hasn't been posted is that nothing has been confirmed yet and more importantly no definite route has been decided as such nothing to advertise.

I think its going to be if anything a decide at the square kind of ride. can you recommend a particular route for us to do ? happy to create it based on the way points you mention (Yes i am still rubbish with directions :D ). i'll create a route and post accordingly.



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