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by DavidShort Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:00 pm
Big thanks to everyone who helped out tonight, in particular Martin who saved the day by organising the event. An excellent turn out of competitors who turned in some excellent times. Well done everyone. The results are as follows:

1. Peter Hook, VC York, 30m 35s
2. Andrew Jamieson, Clifton CC, 31m 30s
3. Martin Willan, Clifton CC, 32m 35s
4. Stu Weston, Clifton CC, 33m 04s
5. Shaun Lawson, Clifton CC, 33m 13s
6. James Milner, Clifton CC, 33m 24s
7. Ian Anderson, Clifton CC, 34m 39s
8. Matt Hardy, Clifton CC, 34m 52s
9. Joe Doyle, Clifton CC, 34m 59s
10. Christian White, 35m 19s
11. Mark Laughton, YCW, 35m 51s
12. Michael Jeffrey, YCW, 37m 41s
13. Pete Skelton, Clifton CC, 37m 51s
14. Joe Shillabeer, Clifton CC, 37m 58s
15. Joe Freites, Clifton CC, 38m 39s
16. Francis Hirzel, Clifton CC, 38m 48s
17. Patrick Havercroft, Clifton CC, 40m 05s
18. Sarah Attwood, Clifton CC, 41m 37s
19. Rachel Harris, York TRI, 46m 12s

Once again, well done everyone, a great evening of competition!

TT Sec'

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