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by DavidShort Tue May 14, 2019 3:43 pm
Dear All,

Thank you Craig for posting re this Thursday's TT, I'm much obliged. For the information of the organisers Martin Willan has kindly offered to house the signs and event documentation at his house in Sheriff Hutton again. Our thanks to Martin for finding space to house them. We're very lucky to have a member living in the village central to our events. Martin's address is 18, The Croft Sheriff Hutton. You need to allow yourself a good hour to put the signs out. Some courses are more sign intensive than others!

Everything an organiser needs is at Martins. As well as the signs there is one blue and yellow plastic box which contains the stop watches, numbers , safety pins, Hi Viz jackets for marshalls etc.

With regards to the documentation there is a specific folder marked, 'TT events folder'. Within this folder is a sleeve for each and every event and each sleeve contains everything you need, marshals sign on sheet, rider sign on sheet, dynamic risk assessment form and all the results sheets, though Bernard prefers to use his own. No problem.

There is another folder marked 'TT additional information', this folder contains any additional sheets and infromation you may need such as, ( heaven forbid), what to do in the event of an accident

It is imperative that all sheets used for each event is returned to its respective folder. Of particular importance is the dynamic risk assessment form. Please note, when putting the signs out, if there is anything unusual. Mud on a corner from farming activity, loose chippings etc. You need to ensure all competitors are aware of these risks before the event. The reason the sheets must be retained together is that at the end of the year I have to collate certain details for the CTT governing body.

I will of course be on hand to help as much as I can however it is likely that I may be away for many of the events so not always on hand on the night. I will be there this Thursday to help Bob. I had put myself down to organises the following weeks event on the Brandsby circuit but I've realised I am away on the Friday and I have some running around to do on Thursday so i'm afraid I can't. I will be there to marshal so again I can help out whoever puts themselves forward to organise.

With regards to the events on the Wheldrake circuit there are no worries there as York Cycle works look after everything, (though they may want some help with timekeeping as this event needs 2, having diffferent start and finish points).

Whilst being an organiser may sound daunting. It isn't and there are always plenty around who have organised and are willing to help. I will always be at the end of a phone if your struggling.

Finally, The evenings entry fees are taken by Bernard who kindly passes them on to Steve Savage the club secretary. As a club we agreed to give organisers £20 and the time keeper £10 taken on the night from the evenings takings.

Looking forward to seeing a good turn out this Thursday evening.

Kind regards David

TT Secretary, ( but seeking a replacement!! :wink: ).
by BobTaylor Tue May 14, 2019 5:40 pm
Thanks David

Just letting you know I've read this and will go round to Martin's address at 6 pm or so to get all the stuff and will drive round putting up signs - pointing the way etc. I should be in the usual spot for sign on by 7 pm I would hope.


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