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by Danders Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:26 pm
Well, believe it or not, we need to think about taking lights with us again - not that we absolutely need them, but they might be a good idea as the ride finishes in the trees.

as no one else has posted Im going to suggest that we redo one of my favourite rides, but with a twist we will like!!

So, we meet at Sinnington 1845 for a 1900 start and head north, drop into Rosedale, do the section of "top ten single track in uk", then follow the river valley back to the village. The difference is in the climb to rosedale (ok, i give in, we'll take the easy track up to the cross :shock: )and the decent down to Rosedale - longer and more techy.

Also, I'm feeling very chuffed at completing the rock garden in the downhill direction earlier this year - so want another try!!!!

As usual, post here if you're coming along, see you on the grassy section near the river in the village.


by Danders Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:49 am
Hi Chris

As a last resort I can start up the old camper and we can go in it, hoping that Steve and or Phil will be coming along (managed to delete all numbers and contacts from my phone again - so relying on this post alerting them....)


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