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by Danders Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:14 pm
UPDATE 21st Sept.

Having only 4 of us interested in this ride and with prospect of rain, I've decided to cancel. Last year - we had 5 or 6 weekends of good weather in lakes, this year its been wet each time, I've had a weeks holiday in Germany in the rain, I had floods in Greece and I'll be a fool to head to the lakes if its already forecasting rain - so its off.

Next year will be fine though...

Last year I organised a few weekends to the Lakes; camping, biking and drinking beer are my main recollections. Somewhere near Hawkshead we did a single track descent so fast that we were giggling wrecks at the bottom, it also brings back some vague recollection of whiskey and singing until closing time - so lets go back there and see if we can recapture some of the magic......

Saturday to be the main riding day, we'll set off around 1000 from the village and do a loop that will take in some great single track and take us about 6 hours allowing for breaks.

Sunday, an 'own arrangements' day, the marked trails in Grizedale are pretty good - so perhaps there?

I'll be staying both Friday (1st) and Saturday (2nd) nights camping in the village - ideally here (I've yet to book).

Its not all about biking, Mrs A will be coming along and is organising a nice walk for herself so non riding partners welcome to come along too.

We'll book a table for dinner in 'the sun inn' on Saturday evening if we're organised enough - so post here if you want to come. If you've got questions, feel free to ask on the forum, or drop me a personal message ('PM' in computer speak).

As for the weather -dont worry about it; Ive already booked light winds, sunny with some clouds and mild temps.

for the 23/24th July and 24/25th Sept - not got a plan for these yet, happy to take suggestions


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by Danders Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:05 pm
2 &3 rd July

Was only three or four of us going, but due to cr*p weather and injury we're unanimous in cancelling the lakes ride this weekend.

I guess we got spoilt by that week in sunny Spain....

i'll post something up for 23rd and 24th July!!
by Danders Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:15 am
So, for weekend 23rd and 24th.....

This is likely to be 'fair weather' ride only. So arrangements are pretty relaxed.

The plan is that we will camp at the NT campsite in Great Langdale, and put in a great all day ride on the Saturday, with beer and barbecue or pub meal in the evening. I note that the campsite doesn't take group bookings, so its an individual thing. If you want to stay nearby in a B&B then that's fine too - get in touch and we'll keep in touch.

Non cyclists are welcome, about half the party are planning on going for a walk instead.

I'll be booking campsite once I'm a bit more convinced on the weather - I'll post up on the wed beforehand with a go/no-go decision.

Fingers crossed :D
by Danders Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:42 am
Ok, so it helps weather looks good, and we're going to lakes.

two walkers and 4 bikers signed up at moment.

Change of campsite - is better suited to our purposes, but don't take bookings

We'll aim to start our ride from campsite at 1000 on Saturday morning, probably same time for the walkers.

Let me know any 'extra' people that will be joining us.

Mrs and I will be staying Friday and Sat nights. No plans at all on meal options yet (for Sat), but local pub might be quickly overwhelmed - so we might need to think on that....

by Danders Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:47 am

For our last weekend away this year....(perhaps?)

I propose we meet at Hawkshead, starting a ride at about 1000 on Sat morning. We'll probably do a mix of forest and open hillside.

I'll be camping, probably in the site in 'croft' campsite. (has warm showers and its easy to get back to after a few whiskeys). Mrs A wont be riding, but will be taking a walk. I'll be camping Friday and Sat nights

let me know if you're interested or are coming and we can sort out the details.



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