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by Wayne Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:06 pm
Due to some recent trips and incidents it has been decided to add a kit list as some people are turning up without the correct gear or gear not suitable to Mountain Biking, it puts the leader/Guide/Instructor in a horrid position when they have to turn somebody away from a ride.

: A mountain bike with 2 working brakes, good tread on tyres, gears all working, Suspension working, stering working, saddle fitted tight and at the correct hight for xc riding.

: A cycle helmet must be worn at all times from getting on your bike in the carpark to getting of your bike at the end of the ride.
Wrong fitting helmets & helmets with the inner cradle damaged are not going to protect you, if the leader says no then dont argue.
Gloves: Half or full finger, they are the first thing to hit the ground
Clothing: There is a wide range of gear on the market these days, as long as you have movement for peddling then your ok.
Waterproof Jacket: any jacket will do if it keeps you from getting wet.
Rucksack / Camelback: Big enough to get your spares, jacket and water in.
Water: bottle or bladder. (you will be surprised how many people just forget or dont bother)
Spare bits in your bag:
Brake Pads
Rear Mech Hanger
Chain Links
Personel Medication
Mobile Phone in waterproof case and fully charged!
2x Tubes
Puncture Repair Kit
Tyre Repair 'Boot'
Multi Tool inc Chain Tool
Tyre Levers

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