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by PhilBixby Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:22 am
It's that time of year again. This time around, and following much discussion among the training ride regulars, we've put together a handy cut out and keep guide to how these rides work. Please take the time to read it.

When?: 9am prompt Saturday morning from Exhibition Square. When the weather gets wintry, please check on here for last-minute news before turning out, in case routes are changed or rides cancelled.
Who is this ride for?: Open to Clifton members and friends (or those looking to join the club) who intend to race in 2014.
How far will we ride?: Generally on one of a series of regular routes (which will be outlined on here), each being approximately 3 hours non stop riding - up to about 60 miles.
What's the format?: The rides are group rides, with the intention of sticking together and taking short turns on the front - briskly on the flats and steady on the hills. Depending on the overall turnout on the day, there will usually be two or more groups of around 10 riders. One of these will be for 2nd/3rd cat riders or those who know they are at that level of ability. You will get the best value from these rides if you are in the right group (which is not necessarily the fastest).
Who is in charge?: Ride leaders will be allocated to each group. They will actively manage the group and you'll be expected to follow their instructions/advice. They will set an appropriate pace (which may be anywhere between 18-22mph but generally builds steadily towards the start of the race season).
Is this all I need for success and stardom?: The rides are good practice for riding in a fast group. We will do pace line work; get people used to changing side depending on wind direction etc. We will vary the route to include hillier routes when weather permits to reflect the type of circuits you are likely to race on in this region. But it is assumed that you will be doing other training (either on the road or turbo) to cover other training needs.
Will I get dropped?: Hopefully not, but... Unless mechanical issues/accidents occur, riders should not expect a training ride to slow to regroup. Everyone should be aware of the route so they can find their way home without the rest of the riders worrying about them. If it's your first time on one of these rides or you're a junior rider we'll make sure you get home safely. Please make sure you're self-sufficient in puncture repairs etc.
Anything else I need to know?: Just a couple of comments:- (i) We represent Clifton Cycling Club so please treat every car driver as a considerate road-sharing road user unless proven otherwise, and only pass vehicles if you're positive the whole group can safely do likewise, and (ii) mudguards of some sort can be safely fitted to any bike and must be used from the first ride through winter until the early season races start (or roads are bone dry).

A route for this Saturday will be posted nearer the time. :)

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