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by Tobzlerone Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:46 am
Hey guys,

I'm guessing most of you know a whole lot about the charity 'sustrans' we coordinate, build, and maintain the national cycling network in the uk.
We also run the 'bikeit' scheme in primary schools accross the uk teaching kids how to cycle responsibly, and we currently operate in 23 schools in York and the surrounding area.

I was recently appointed to be the leader of the fundraising team in York, and am doing the best I can to find supporters to help the charity.

All the money we receive will go directly into project work such as the building of new routes and maintaining current ones.
Regular monthly donations also help support those who work in schools as it provides the opportunity for regular income.

We have just finished a route from poppleton to rufforth, however due to funding recently being drastically cut by the council we were unable to tarmac the whole route. so as a charity we really do need the support.

Obviously just by riding our routes and cycling to work does support us well as it shows the difference that we as a charity make and contributes to statistics such as 'if all the journeys used on our routes were replaced with car journeys, then it would generate the same carbon dioxide output as afghanistan'. which is pretty crazy. so together we really do reduce the environmental impact of car drivers.

Anyway, if anyone is able to make a one off donation then you can find it here (

However as the fundraising team we stand at certain areas in York each day and aswell as raising awareness about the charity ask for a monthly direct debit of £7, £10 or £12 a month.
this can be done on the website, however if you feel able to make a monthly contribution to sustrans then please PM me and we can find a place to meet to do it personally. We don't get much commission, however the credit we get for signing someone up makes us look good as a team. and being competitive myself, helps us beat teams who are fundraising in other cities. So it would be nice if you could help with that too ;)
but the most important thing is helping the charity in anyway possible, that is my aim as a fundraiser
and as I said, just by using our routes really is a massive help in itself, both to the charity, your health and the environment.

Thanks for reading!

Happy cycling!


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