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by Alicole Thu Jun 29, 2023 8:46 pm
Nineteen riders turned out tonight to be greeted by a warm but rather stiff breeze, that never really helped in any direction. Thanks tonight go to Ian and Steve for Marshalling, and Bernard, Dave and Rob for looking after the start and Time keeping. Once again thanks to Craig for helping me with the organising, as we seem to have a lack of bodies wanting to help organise events this year! Next week is Sheriff, Whenby, Brandsby. So far we have no time keepers no organiser and Bernard is away as well as Craig so for this event to go ahead we need support, it's a simple equation " no support no event"

1. D Bramley 21.44
2. W Harvey 22.21
3. J Hill 22.26
4. M Eastwood 23.48
5. J Dickson 23.59
6. K Bramley 24.19
7. M Jenic 24.27
8. L A Johnson 25.26
9. I Hampton 25.32
10. G Johnson 26.01
11. M Rylett 26.15
12. E Thurland 26.16
13. M Laughton 27.04
14. A Cole 27.28
15. G Young 27.50
16. F Phillips 28.27
17. B Taylor 29.11
18. H Storm 30.49
19. E Atkin Johnson 37.53

If there are any queries please contact me and I will try and rectify them.


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