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Dangerous Road Conditions on Westerns Lane, NW of Markington

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:00 am
by craigdabrown
A word of warning to all our Members and fellow cyclists.

Please avoid or take extreme care when using Westerns Lane, which runs northwest between Markington and Fountains Abbey. There's an innocuous looking, large puddle of water which seems to be there permanently now, a warning first appeared on one of our WhatsApp channels back in April. Although pretty shallow, it is extremely slippy under the surface and has caused numerous cyclists to come off and resulted in some serious injuries.

Ian Hagyard, one of the most experienced cyclists in the Club, was the latest victim. Ian lost traction while riding through the water last week and suffered numerous fractures to his pelvis and lower back as well as extensive bruising to his leg, arm and shoulder. Best wishes Ian, we hope you recover quickly from your injuries.

This stretch of road is very popular with our riders and is often incorporated into our Social Rides, so please use caution.

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Westerns Lane, Northwest of Markington
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