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by James Milner Thu Aug 06, 2020 10:13 pm
What a fantastic turn out for this evening's time trial at Wheldrake! We are limited, according to CTT rules, to a maximum of 40 riders for these events and there were 45 who turned up wanting to ride! Priority has to be given to members of Clifton CC, York Cycleworks, York Tri Club and Malton Wheelers, so these were given priority and the rest had to put their names on the waiting list. Going through the results I notice that there were a couple of riders who slipped through the net and got a ride even though they are not members of the above clubs. I must therefore apologise to anybody from those clubs who wanted to ride but were unable to because of the oversubscription. We must be more vigilant in future during sign on. This is not a problem we've ever been faced with before but, I must admit, it is a nice one to have!

For the second week in succession it was Phil Graves who took the honours and it would appear that Dave Bramley took an undisputed second place, which I'm sure he'll be delighted with after last week's disappointment!

Well done to everyone who rode this evening and helped to make the event such a great success.

Thanks, as ever, go to the organisers, marshals and time keepers, without whom these events could not take place.

The results are as follows:

1. Phil Graves CCC 20:32
2. Dave Bramley CCC 22:13
3. Joe Shillabeer CCC 22:23
4. Ricky Feather Feather Cycling 22:33
5. Lewis Ridley VC York 22:34
6. Nikul Kansara VC York 22:44
7. Abi Smith Guest 22:47
8. Andrew Jamieson CCC 22:53
9. Shaun Lawson CCC 23:21
10=. James Milner CCC 23:49
10=. Martin Willan CCC 23:49
12. Mark Laughton YTC 24:21
13. Daniel Kemp CCC 24:47
14. Neil Stanford CCC 24:56
15. Alex Robinson CCC 25:22
16. Stacey Stump YCW 25:33
17. Kevin Chapman CCC 26:03
18. Andy Wilkinson YTC 26:14
19. Neil Timms YTC 26:51
20. Nathan Smith CCC 26:54
21. David Short CCC 27:03
22. Francis Hirzel CCC 27:06
23. Bruce Shaun YCW 27:07
24. Ian Hampton CCC 27:23
25. Simon Richardson YCW 27:40
26. Lewis Johnson CCC 28:11
27. Kerry Archer YTC 28:37
28. Jim Huxford YTC 28:42
29. Harry Speak CCC 28:58
30. Tim Stephenson YTC 29:20
31. John Archer YTC 30:09
32. Julie Rookes YTC 30:44
33. David Morrey YTC 30:46
34. Rachel Holmes YTC 31:53
35. Kitty Boyes YTC 31:55
36. Benn Jamieson CCC 32:18
37. Felix Hirzel CCC 32:36
38. Jayne Fligg YTC 34:59
39. Gordon Johnson CCC 35:10
40. Wendy Lampitt YCW 35:52

Once again well done to everybody involved in tonight's event.

Apologies if there are any names spelled incorrectly, but it is my best attempt at diciphering people's hand writing!

Just one thing stands out to me in the results, which is that I suspect that Messrs Johnson and son may have got their numbers the wrong way round.Either that or Lewis has got faster and Gordon slower! I'm sure they'll let me know if that's the case.

Next week's event is on the same course. Let's hope we have another good turn out!
by BobTaylor Fri Aug 07, 2020 8:03 am
Thanks James. I would just like to thank those who marshalled and time kept in various guises and congrats to those who posted excellent times. Unprecedented turn out - I am away next week so that is one less!

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