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by James Milner Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:07 pm
What a great evening on our first ever event on the new Crayke, Brandsby, Yearsley hilly TT course! There were 31 competitors for the event with many positive comments about the new course. Really pleasing during a difficult year such as this.

Honours went to long time Clifton member, former British Ironman champion and winner of this week's Cycling Weekly Zwift Club 10 ( beating a certain Dr M Hutchinson into 2nd place!) Phil Graves. Well done Phil!

The results are as follows:

1. P Graves CCC 23:19
2. L Ridley VC York 25:21
3. N Kansara VC York 25:28
4. A Kay YCW 25:42
5. D Bramley Team Swift 26:00
6. R Feather Feather Cycles 26:13
7. M Metcalf VC York 26:40
8. J Shillabeer CCC 26:44
9. S Lawson CCC 27:13
10. R Gale CCC 27:20
11. J Milner CCC 27:51
12. D Kemp CCC 28:12
13. A Robinson CCC 28:39
14. P Havercroft CCC 28:41
15. N Stanford CCC 29:07
16. K Chapman CCC 29:35
17. M Laughton YTC 30:26
18. B Mason CCC 30:39
19. T Miller CCC 31:13
20. N Smith CCC 31:27
21. M Jeffrey YCW 31:34
22. C Gregory YTC 32:22
23. R Taylor CCC 33:05
24. C Hyde YTC 33:06
25. A Miller CCC 33:49
26. J Fisher CCC 34:24
27. M Green YTC 34:55
28. K Archer YTC 35:24
29. W Gale CCC 36:17
30. T Stephenson YTC 36:21
DNF. N Goscinski Team Swift

Many thanks to all who voluteered with time keeping, marshalling and organising duties. Without people coming forward to volunteer these events would not take place at all.
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by James Milner Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:53 pm
Following a 'stewards' enquiry' I have amended the results of last night's TT. D Bramley's time of 25:00 as originally stated should in fact read 26:00. This puts Dave down to 5th place and moves L Ridley, N Kansara and A Kay up one place each to 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

Apparently sums are different now to when Bernard was at school! :D

To be fair, it's not often he gets it wrong, but we're all only human after all!

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