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York Cycle Works Wheldrake 10 TT - RESULTS

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:30 am
by DavidShort
Dear All,

Last night saw the final TT event in the CCC & YCW series of Time trials. This event was a YCW specific event and as such is not included in our league series the results of which Neil Kerry has kindly put together and promulgated on a previous thread. It was a very hot evening with a temperature of 29c showing on the car thermometer as I pulled up in Wheldrake. Only 9 competitors signed on, probably due to a number of factors, school holidays, day of week etc. Nevertheless, a really good event well supported and organised by Andy Frazer and his team with good times posted despite a strange wind which gave no benefits on any of the legs. I decided to have a go after a year out dealing with some health issues. I really enjoyed it! I'll be back in 2020 :D

1.Pete Nixon, Seacroft Wheelers, 22m.17s 44yrs
2.Andy Jameison, CCC 23m.08s 43yrs
3.James Milner, CCC 24m.03s 56yrs
4.Nev Sandford, ? 25m. 01s ?
5.Alex Robinson, CCC 26m.29s 14yrs
6.David Young, Vitfor 26m.38s 58yrs
7.Kevin Chapman CCC 27m.12s 51yrs
8.David Short, CCC 29m.55s 63yrs
9.Mark Finch, CCC 30m.05s 52yrs

Kind regards David
TT Sec'

Re: York Cycle Works Wheldrake 10 TT - RESULTS

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:56 pm
by MichaelJeffrey
Results from last night are on YCW website as well: ... cc-spoco-3

Also Leader Board for the 2019 season also available at: ... tt-results

If there are any errors/omissions let me know and I will correct the data.

Best wishes