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by James Milner Wed May 01, 2019 7:52 am
Great turn out for last night's chain gang and good to see some new faces out there.
I know some of you found it a bit too hard going, particularly when the pace ramped up after Little Ribston but all I would say is, well done for coming out and having a go! It does get easier and you will get faster if you persevere. The way you all dug in and hung with the main group for as long as possible was impressive for a first time effort.There is at least one well known club member who, after four or five weeks of doing chain gang, last night made it all the way to the end with the lead group for the first time! I'm sure many of you can achieve similar results if you stick with it.

Please keep spreading the word and encourage others to come out and give it a go. Remember, the larger the group, the stronger the group.

Great to see you all last night and it would be great to see you all again ( and your mates!) next time.

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