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by DavidShort Sun May 20, 2018 5:31 pm
Dear All,

The only people who have come forward are Jill Dowson as a marshal and Chris Rowley as timekeeper. We need an organiser, a minimum of 2 more marshals, a pusher off and someone to assist Chris on time keeping duties given the course has different start and finish points.

All the signs and event documentation including stop watches are housed at Martin Willan's house in Sheriff Hutton. Whoever is going to be the organiser should liaise directly with Martin to arrange collection before the event and returning after the TT.

I have been round the route today and notice there are some road works for about 100 yards from the bridge in Farlington towards Sheriff Hutton. It is on an uphill section so should not cause problems as the works only encroach into the nearside lane as one is travelling towards Sheriff. I would suggest a marshal at this point and make all competitors aware at the briefing before the event.

For info' I am heading to the Isle of Man on Wednesday so I will not be around for this weeks event. I will be back for the Wheldrake TT the following week.

If we don't get enough marshals we will not be complying with our statutory notice so the event cannot go ahead.
Obviously, without an organiser it can't go ahead. We've had a great start to the series, lets keep it going!

Kind regards David
TT Sec'
by craigdabrown Wed May 23, 2018 7:03 am
In David's absence, and following on from his initial post, it looks like we still require an Orgnaiser and Marshalls for the SPOCO T.T. tomorrow evening. Is anyone able to assist with this please? Obviously the event cannot go ahead if these positions aren't filled.

Please can you post on here or e-mail and add your name to the Volunteer Spreadsheet for this event if you can help.

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