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by DavidShort Thu May 17, 2018 10:15 pm
The results of this evenings time trial in order of merit;

1. Nathan Veall 14m. 56s, YTC
2. Isaac Hulse 15m. 13s VC York
3. Thomas Dickinson 15m.34s Clifton
4. Peter Pearson 15m.39s Clifton.
5. Shaun Lawson 16.00s Clifton
6. Abi Smith 16m.43s F Clifton
7. Mark Devine 17m.14s Malton Wheelers
8. Steve Morgan 17m 28m Clifton
9. Laura Tissiman 17m.33s F YCW
10. Dave Young 17m.35s YCW
11. Joe Shillebear 17m.52s Clifton
12. Michael Jeffrey 17m.54s YCW
13. Chris Tissiman 17m.57s YCW
14. Stephen Smith 17m.59s Clifton
15. Francis Hirzel 17m.59s J Clifton
16. Rebecca Dawes 18m.04s F,J, Clifton
17. Zoe Fraser 18m 23s F YCW
18. Joe Waterfield 18m 27s J Clifton
19. Jack Coomber 18m.31s Malton Wheelers
20. Oscar Taylor 18m.45s J Clifton
21. Bob Taylor 18m.48s Clifton
22. Alex Robinson18m.50s Clifton
23. Suzanne Young 18m.54s F YCW
24. Patrick Smith 19m.27s J Clifton
25. Patrick Havercroft 19m.48s Clifton
26. Brian Sharp 20m.02s Guest of clifton
27. Paul Wilson 20m. 08s Clifton
28. Charlotte Fox 20m. 10s F,J, Clifton
29. Karen Lofthouse 20m.44s F YCW
30. Sam Hulse 20m 49s J Clifton

Very well done everyone, a fantastic turn out and great mix of men women and juniors. Excellent times. As always many thanks to the volunteers who officiated to ensure the event could go ahead.

Apologies if I have mispelt any names. Some hand writing can be quite challeging. Please let me know of any discrepencies.

Onca again a big well done everyone. Looking forward to seeing you at other events in the series.

Kind regards David
TT Sec'
by P.Uffing Thu May 17, 2018 10:20 pm
Many thanks to all that helped to put on and run the event, and thankyou for allowing us neighbouring clubs to ride in such a well organised local TT.
See you again soon :-)

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