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by DavidShort Thu May 10, 2018 9:20 pm
Please find the results of tonight's event as follows;

1. Christophe Demoulin 21m 23s
2. Nathan Veall 22m 11s
3. Nigel Goscinski 23m 20s
4. James Milner 23m 51s
5. Simon Wright 23m 52s
5. Isaac Hulse 23m 52s
7. Fiona Sharpe 24m 00s
8. Shaun Lawson 24m 14s
9. Thomas Dickinson 24m 24s
10. David Trotter 24m 40s
11. Keith Greenaway 24m 55s
12. Ian Rankin 25m 10s
13. Matthew Eastwood 25m 23s
14. Joe Doyle 25m 50s
15. Kylie Jackson 25m 57s
16. Mark Laughton 26m 05s
17. Sebastian Wallis 26m 15s
18. David Short 26m 23s
19. David Young 26m 59s
20. Chris Rowley 27m 05s
21. Mike Jeffrey 27m 28s
22. Francis Hivzel 27m 42s
23. David Brown 28m 07s.
24. Sarah Attwood 30m 30s

Well done everyone, some great times! Many thanks to all the officials whose contributions ensured the event went ahead. A great start to the season. Apologies if any of the names are mispelt, it can be quite challenging deciphering hand writing. Please let me know of any issues/discrepencies.

Kind regards David
TT Sec'

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