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by Jon G Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:05 pm
Conditions not the best heading to square on Saturday but persevered as I wasn’t getting too wet. 8 in total along with myself, James, Dave, John b, graham, joe, Ian h, and Neil. Neil had route planned with last weeks b’stard banks in mind but a shorter version with less banks but still a fair bit of climbing. Turned out to be a good plan as we were never too far from a cafe if conditions were bad. Has it happened only six of us completed the full ridecas James and Dave decided to head back early. Good rout e with a few new roads and apart from some short stops too regroup we kept together pretty well. Admittedly it’s nwasnt the fasted ride if the year but that’s was more down to metres climbed that abilities :D . Towards the end however it did feel a bit Thix Spiro when you keep seeing road signs to York that said 14 miles then turned the other way :lol: . I sure hope the weather starts to improves I’m getting fed up of ending every ride soaked :( thanks for the company and Neil’s route. :D
by Rob Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:52 pm
Beyond Here There Be Dragons - South
Postponed previously through bad weather, it was good to get in the groove with this one on Sunday. Heading south is always a tough sell, but seen through the lens of the "4 ends of the civilised world" plan we thought this made sense. The ride eventually exceeded expectations. Easter Sunday morning was exceptionally quiet on the roads and we were all soon on new roads, heading through the former S Yorks coal fields. Mr Garmin took us through some interesting housing estates and a bridle path at one point. One or two grippy climbs not expected.
AndyG, AndyJ and Steen posed for photo at the Harthill village sign. Cafe at Kiverton was great. Hostess thought our claimed ride from York was an April Fool.... She offered us a loyalty card, but nice as the cafe was, I guess it might be while before we're back...
The return was via the slightly longer route to the east of Doncaster, and included a 10km bendless stretch north of Misson on which I could swear we could see the curvature of the earth....
Grand day out. We rode in North, West, South and East Yorkshire along with a sally into Derbyshire, Notts and Lincolnshire.
208km and great commaradary.
Thanks chaps
by craigdabrown Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:44 pm
Nothing quite so extreme for me at the weekend.

On Saturday I did the Wiggy 100 Spring Audax, which definitely started from Wigginton and covered 100km distance but not sure about the Spring part. Just myself, Bernard and DaveI from Clifton and only about a dozen cyclists in total. Weather wasn’t too bad, just lots of surface water and a bit cold when leaving the cafe at Ripley.

On Sunday, I’d a nice 60 mile ride with Kevin, Jacqui and Julia to Ampleforth. Drier but colder than Saturday, we were lucky to miss any heavy showers. The wonderful Mr. Scully presented us all with mini Easter eggs when we arrived at the cafe stop. Thanks Kevin.

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