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by craigdabrown Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:09 pm
7 of us (ClaireG, DaveI, PeteS, JohnC, Kev & Jackie M and myself) for the K-Ride on Saturday. Advertised route was Easingwold but the weather looked fantastic, despite the cold wind from the southeast, and so we decided the group was strong enough to handle an extra 10 miles and head to Sledmere instead.

Road conditions were dry and we made good progress out via Stockton Lane, Sand Hutton and Leavening, with the stronger riders taking turns on the front and JohnC doing a grand job of keeping us in check if the pace got too much into the headwind.

At North Grimston we gave proper roads a miss for a time and chose to climb up the Luddith Road track. The condition of this stretch has worsened a bit over the last year and the gradient, mud and pothole combo on Saturday made it a testing off-road section for road bikes and tyres. Wasn’t quite tough enough for Pete though as he missed a subtle left-turn halfway up the climb and literally ploughed straight ahead along an extremely muddy farm track, almost reaching the farm house before realising his error and having to retrace his tracks. He wasn’t best pleased at the state of his bike but took the gentle ribbing in good spirit.

A few more lumpy bits and we were glad to reach the cafe stop and fortunate to find a table inside we could just about all fit around.

Wetwang meant the end of our stint into the wind and it was pretty much plan-sailing all the way home, although Millington Pastures seemed overly busy with cars for some reason. The group went their separate ways before Stockton Lane and Dave and I stuck to the cycle paths back across York.

Another excellent 70 mile winter ride in superb conditions. Great to see Claire regaining her fitness, Jackie handling the extra miles of the route change with ease, KevM riding as strongly as ever, Pete and Dave continuing to put us all to shame and JohnC for simply being JohnC and keeping us right all day.
by bernard turgoose Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:11 pm
My road was postponed until Sunday so I didn’t think I was up to Filey, I set out to ride into the wind by going out the traditional route to Buttercrambe, Bugthorpe and up Kirby Underdale, where I decided to head for Huggate when I would make a decision on going to the Fiddle Drill or Millingtton.
After a bit of a battle across to Huggate I decided that the Ramblers’s Rest would be my cafe stop, it was pretty cold but with the clear blue skies and being able to see tothe coast and Hull it made the effort very worth while.
Surprised that there wasn’t anyone who I knew at Millington but had to wait to get a seat whilst a big group from East Garforth left. Then the traditional route home with nearly 60 miles on the clock and a clean bike for a change.
by Graham R Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:47 pm
Well the plan was for a K ride Saturday but before I was due to set off for the square I got a phone call from my son saying are you coming out today? Someone had forgot to tell me I was going out with my son's Graham and James quick re arrangement of plans and headed across to Melbourne, it was a cracking day but chilly with the wind but dry, nothing with James is easy so it was off towards Givendale halfway up we got stopped the local hunt was out in force perhaps 30-40 horses, met Julia C she was coming down as we were going up pleasantries exchanged and up we went down the other side and back uptowards Huggate across to Warter through and up the other side, at this point James said we'll go down here to Nunburnholme (Nunburnholme Hill) turn round and come back up this duly done and then across to hayton, Bielby and back to Melbourne only 37 miles and a couple of thousand feet of climbing but still a good ride.
by Rob Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:19 pm
Just 4 of us in the Square on Sunday. Steen had taken a tumble on Friday and looked like he'd been several rounds with Mike Tyson. He was a little uncomfortable with the aches and pains and swung off after a while. Arvid had to be back for 1pm, so it just left me and Joseph (the only Scot in England not to have watched the rugby...) to ride on through Weaverthorpe and Hunmanby to Filey. There were apparently KOM points on offer at the top of each climb, of which I won considerably less than very few. Bronte Vinery café still closed for winter, but cafes are not in short supply in Filey.

Return via Burton Flemming and Kilham where we finally got the wind on our backs. Sledmere and Life Hill under fabulous blue skies. Huggate, Millington and on for home. Hardly a foot down all day, 165km on fixed, and sat in our kitchen again at just after 3-30.

Harthill next Sunday. I sense an adventure.

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