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by Rob Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:09 pm
More later, but just a quick "heads-up" that we have some plans for this year, with quite a few new rides. One little series within a series, if you like, is a plan to ride to the 4 compass points of Yorkshire, furthest tarmac North, South, East and West. The first one comes up a week on Sunday (4th March). I appreciate that heading south is probably a tough sell(!) but in the light of the other three rides it makes sense. Harthill is on the South Yorkshire/Derbyshire border, and, looking at the map, I can promise an interesting parcour with certainly some roads we've not been on before! It's a case of Howden and keep going. It's going to be about 185km and mostly pretty flat - a good day to practice group riding skills.

In case you're wondering, furthest north is High Force in Teesdale, West is Dunsop Bridge in Slaidburn Forest and East is Spurn Head.
by James Milner Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:49 am
Some of the Inters will have already seen the route for this on our Whattsapp group and I gave the Sunday guys a heads up the other week when I was out with them.

Following on from our excursion last spring and Steen's 'Omloop het West Yorkshire' a couple of years back, we are looking at doing the 'Ronde van Hebden Bridge'.

This will be an 'away day', i.e driving over to Hebden and taking in a 70 mile loop heading first to Halifax via Old Lane, Luddendon and Halifax Lane thence on to the cobbled climbs of Trooper Lane, Shibden Wall and Gibb Lane.
Back to Hebden for a cafe stop before climbing Mytholm Steeps and heading across the moors in to Lancashire then looping round to Keighley for the cobbled climbs of Thwaites Lane and Hainworth Lane, then taking on our final Cobbled climb on Haworth's Main Street of TdY and TdF fame. Back to Hebden Bridge via Oxenhope before resting tired legs on the final 5 mile descent in to Hebden.

'Only' 70 miles, but it comes with around 8500 ft of climbing some of the toughest roads around and has more cobbles than the whole of Belgium!

Date to be confirmed, but probably some time in April.
by Steen Berg Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:11 pm
What a great ride James.
Bernard is the arbiter of the challenge rides so hopefully he will agree and add it to the list. Get in contact with him to decide on the points and date. I am sure Bernard would like to hear from anyone else from any of the Saturday rides 8.45 K1 K2 J and A who has ideas. Its not just a Sunday thing the challenge rides are for all of us. They don't have to be to the extreme fun and different also work.

I can take no credit for the Omloop het West Yorkshire It was all the good work of Andrew Lumb a Sunday irregular.
He did a fantastic job. Making wise judgement on the route, pace and keeping us together on unfamiliar testing roads. No one was left behind which would have been a problem in the jungle that is West Yorkshire. Choosing a nice day in August when we had all the summer fitness we were going to get. The dry cobbles also kept us out of A&E.
Its give those of us who were apart of it a day to exaggerate about for years to come.

by Graham R Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:00 am
Some great rides in the pipeline, and as still being relativley new and a regular K rider not quite to Inters pace what are the probabilities of doing some of these rides i'm not the fastest or best climber so would not want to slow the pace so it becomes not so nice a ride for the faster paced people, I'm sure others are thinking this but it would be interesting to do some of these to improve my riding ability albeit i should have started 40 years ago instead of three. I enjoy the rides and company immensley and have made new freinds so I am looking forward to do a lot more this year.
by James Milner Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:01 am
Graham, some of the longer rides, e.g the 3 bridges, often take two groups at different paces.About five of us from the A ride did a similar route last year to the one I am proposing. At least one of us on that ride is most definitely not a climber, but, as Steen mentioned, the back roads of Halifax are not somewhere you can leave people to fend for themselves. Consequently we made sure we waited for everyone. It must be remembered though that some of these rides are more challenging than others. Rides such as the 'Into the West' and the Tan Hill ride do require a certain level of fitness and the length of them mean that there is a need to make a reasonable pace. All things to bear in mind when you're deciding which rides to do.
by craigdabrown Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:00 pm
I mentioned the Challenge Series to Bernard on Saturday and so it's great to see it being discussed here.

Bernard is in the process of determining which rides to include for 2018. There are a number of events which have featured regularly in the past but are not taking place this year and will therefore have to be omitted/replaced.

This offers us a good opportunity to revise the Series and make some changes which will inspire people to participate and maybe achieve some goals.

As Steen says, the rides don't have to be extreme in nature, just something that differs from our bread and butter weekend rides and provides a measurable points score which will count towards a medal of the appropriate colour.

It's also important that riders make a note of the events they take part in and we'll attempt to avoid the usual last-minute appeal for details by keeping a running total during the year.

If you do have any comments or suggestions then discuss them on here or email
by Dr Dave Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:11 pm
Does the Fred merit an entry into the series :D ??

Keep pedalling!
by James Milner Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:09 am
Looks awesome Dave! Bikes etc mag reviewed it in their latest edition, along with reviews of three bikes that are considered good for cobbles.

The keener eyed of you may have noticed that Old Lane is not included on the route I have posted on Whatsapp and Strava, however, as we'll be passing right by the base of it, it would be daft not to include it! :D
by bernard turgoose Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:58 pm
Very pleased to see the ideas for this years series, currently I have the dates for the Audax rides from Wiggington so it will include these along with the York Rally 100K Audax. I also have Rob’s Initial list that I will discuss with Rob to get a bit more detail, then James can you give me some thoughts on the points for the Heiden bridge based ride please. With regards to dates in April Rob has rides proposed on the 8th & 28th, but there are no Audax events on other dates in April, so it would be nice to avoid these two dates please.
Graham I am sure that the 100 K Audax rides are within your capabilities so don’t worry there will be rides that you will be able to participate in and enjoy them as well.
Any ideas from other members will be gratefully received as well as comments! Bernard
by bernard turgoose Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:54 pm
Looks great James, do you have a date yet that I can add to th,e draft 2018 challenge Series list? Also what are your thoughts on possible points.
by bernard turgoose Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:59 pm
Hi James, I think that your suggested date in May would find you with a bit of competition as it is the Tour de Yorkshire that weekend, of course you might like the challenge !
by James Milner Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:39 pm
bernard turgoose wrote:Hi James, I think that your suggested date in May would find you with a bit of competition as it is the Tour de Yorkshire that weekend, of course you might like the challenge !

Following some discussion at the monthly social, Saturday 26th May is the preferred date for the Ronde van Hebden Bridge.

We also discussed the possibility of doing the 5 dales ride, but no date has been put forward as yet.

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