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by craigdabrown Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:10 pm
Think there were 10 of us, 9 in the Square and we picked up NeilS at Strensall, on the proposed Inters Ride round Cockayne via Hutton-le-Hole. Conditions were a bit damp, the early “light” rain proving to be somewhat heavier than the forecast had suggested, but a good turnout for the A and K rides.

Dr. Joe was on his first Saturday ride for a few weeks and as we spread out along Castle Howard Drive he followed his Garmin route, taking the Coneysthorpe turnoff, while the rest of us headed straight onto Slingsby. Guessing that something was amiss, Rich went back to see if he could find Joe but no sign by that point.

With the dreich weather, we discussed shortening the route and eventually decided to miss out the Hutton-le-Hole section and head straight for Cockayne, with Rich leaving us just after Welburn as planned.

It was a bit grim up on the moors with a cold, damp mist and the remnants of ice by the roadside. James led the way round, well ahead of a hotchpotch of smaller groups and soloists climbing at their chosen pace. I was extremely grateful to Dr. Dave and Neil for holding the second gate open, allowing me to pass through without having to stop and my good fortune continued when I was able to track an owl for a few hundred metres as it swooped along a hedgerow before sensibly seeking shelter in a farm building.

At Helmsley, Dr. Dave, Neil, James and IanH set off from the cafe slightly before JohnB, GrahamT, IanW and myself and we emerged into the first bit of sunshine and blue sky we’d seen all day to find Dr. Joe was just arriving. He’d ridden solo from where we’d last seen him, at Castle Howard, via Hutton-le-Hole and Cockayne. Joe declined our offer to hang on for him and headed into the cafe for some well-deserved food and a coffee.

Back via Sproxton, Ampleforth and Yearsley, we were eventually able to discard our rain jackets and enjoy some relatively pleasant riding conditions. A tough enough ride in a group, I finished with 77 miles on the clock, major “chapeau” to Dr. Joe for his “solo” effort. I know he’s renowned for being able to continue, when lesser mortals would’ve given up, but we do need to ensure that everyone is aware of the planned route before we set off.
by Dr Joe Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:01 pm
Beautifully written post-ride, write-up Craig. The sunshine at the very end of the day almost made up for the cold, wet, and at times, rather gloomy day.

Apologies for dropping off around Castle Howard, as unbeknown to myself, my “Man flu” had a hidden surprise for me on my first day riding out in a while. Although this was my second blow-out of the year, this was the first time it’s EVER happened 17 miles from home. :shock: :roll:

I tried to catch up, but alas my legs had reached their cadence limit and then I was Solo. I turned to my trusty Garmin and entrusted him to lead the way. Towards HLH back pass, the appropriately named “Surprise View,” onto the Cockayne Loop and back down towards Helmsley.

It was lovely to see a familiar face arriving in the cafe, however, as much as I wanted to ride back with you guys, I would of been dropped shortly after on the climb out of Helmsley. I would of then insisted that you guys go on and ridden solo anyway. With that logic in mind, I had a descent Cafe stop, refuelled and set off into the Sunset.

Again, thanks to Rich for the search and rescue and for everyone who waited. I hope I didn’t disrupt your ride too much. Unfortunately, my message to “carry on” didnt get sent due to poor phone reception.

The good thing is that we’re on track for this time of year with the miles and gradually with the climbing too. It’s nice to arrive back in York with some light left in the day. It looks like the long dark days are gradually coming to an end.

Keep Pedalling ....


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