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by Dr Dave Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:33 am
With a damp and windy day forecast only 7 Inters riders turned out on Saturday morning - James, Ed, John B, Dr Joe, Graham and self left the square bound for Masham then Jordan's. We picked up John S at Alne and made steady if unspectacular progress towards Masham via Cundall.
As we approached the periphery of the Dales, the gusts grew stronger and the prospect of squalls over Jordan's made this an unpalatable prospect. A route review discussion resulted in a re-think and Leyburn was suggested as a more prudent objective. The bunch split a little as we climbed up from West Tanfield so a split was suggested with Graham, Joe and John electing to make their way separately to the cafe where we would re-group.
The remaining four continued on to Leyburn via the usual route through Thornton Steward to find the Posthorn closed until February so we went instead to Penley's opposite where the food was decent and not over-priced. Time past and the other's hadn't appeared. We began to suspect a mechanical or puncture but eventually they arrived having had a 'navigational misfire' involving a muddy lane.....It was therefore agreed the two groups would proceed home independently.
With John S in fine form the four of us were soon speeding along to Bedale and thence to Melmerby and back via the outward route. Thanks to steady work by my companions we were back in York by 4.45.
On getting close to home I realised that I would be a few yards short of the ton so deviated around via Bishopthorpe to clock up my first 100 miler of the year - and in fact the first time I have ridden 100 miles in January.
John, Joe and Graham had a more measured ride home via Ripon,and returned safely a little later so all in all a decent day out even if our originally planned route was amended - sometimes being flexible over route depending on the conditions can pay dividends :)
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by Jon G Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:03 pm
Sounds like a few of the inters had an interesting ride :D . Well done to those with a 100 miles on the clock in January. Would have been out if I wasn’t working this weekend. :( . Had to make do with getting some riding in with commuting to Leeds on Saturday and Sunday . Approx. 80miles over the 2 days so not bad. :D the only real issue was the wind. When your travelling east to west with a strong westerly it becomes apparent that you have a ride of two halves. One slow and a bit of a grind and then the other been much faster and easier. Have been trying to commute by bike more regularly weather permitting. It does make for some interesting riding especially in busy traffic in the rush hour but much better for your sanity then driving in busy traffic :D . Should be able to make this weekend however unless things change. :D because I do prefer riding on some quiet lanes :D
by craigdabrown Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:41 pm
8 riders in the Square (DaveI, Bernard, NickM, GrahamR, PeteS, MarkF, newbie Jamie and me) for the “K2” ride to Helmsley – thankfully not as hilly as the name might suggest.

Jamie, on his first Clifton ride, was suffering with cold hands and headed back to York after Tollerton. Hope you can make it out with us again Jamie. We stuck together through Alne, Easingwold, Husthwaite and Coxswold where Bernard and Dave took a direct route via Byland and Wass Bank and the rest of us chose Kilburn, Oldstead, Ampleforth and Beacon Bank.

Following a regroup in the cafe, Bernard and Dave headed back via Oswaldkirk and Gilling while we stuck to the proposed route of Harome and Hovingham. Bit of a stiff breeze on the final section but we’d been lucky with the wind direction for most of the day and had avoided the forecasted heavy showers.

Consecutive Clifton Saturday rides to Helmsley for me and happy enough with 70 miles. Not as picturesque as the snow on the previous weekend but a nice ride and I just about (granted, we returned with 3 less than we started!) kept us together for the whole day. Well done to the guys who hadn’t been out much due to illness, the wind at the end made it quite a tough test on your first ride back.

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