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by Rob Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:32 pm
Looking for an aim to get you through the Winter?

3 Sundays in December:
3rd Dec. How Stein Gorge, 155km.
10th Dec. Scarborough for Xmas lunch. 170km.
17th Dec. Tan Hill, 230km. 2 cafe strategy. 0730 start, flat 80k to Leyburn, 80k of mountain road back to Leyburn again. Then 3 hours home in the dark. We've done this about a dozen times now. Got snowed off once. Twice we had to turn back from Keld because of weather. Other times conditions have been better than August.

Lots of adventures......

Footnote: if you're new to Clifton, I should explain that we invented the TH ride as a long challenging ride to do on the shortest Sunday of the year.... The TH ride has long been a Clifton classic, but to do it at the winter solstice was seen to be "special". The first one was in 1998. We picked it up again 2004 and have ridden every year since. You need winter kit, decent lights, some club spirit, a few miles in your legs and a sense of humour. Believe me though, it's not as hard as it sounds....

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