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by bernard turgoose Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:20 pm
Hello everyone, after delving into the archives(mine), plus using the feedback that a few of you have sent to me, I have now compiled the following summary of what members gained what points in 2017. I have also gone back to 2015 and 2016 to show what members won in those years also, so in one last attempt to try to ensure that these listings are as comprehensive as possible here are the listings:-
Name 2017 2016 2015
P.Suddaby 1 no records
D.IAnson 2 ditto
D.Clarkson 4 ditto
S.Savage 4 ditto
I.Hagyard 2 28(G) 19(S)
D.Cook 2 3
P.Smith 2
I.Willcocks 2
M.Briggs 1
D.Short 2
S.Short 2
V.Harrison 3
R.Osman 24(P) 26(G) 26(G)
S,Berg 22(G) 26(G) 32(G)
P.Pearson 4
M.Pearson ?
James ?(Milner) 4
A,Gardiner 13(S)
J.Baron 9(B) 22(G)
P.Harrison 2
J.Savage 2
N.Baker 2
J.Frietas 3
R.Webb 1
G.Thresh ? 6(B)
J.Bricklebank ? 17(G)
J.Milner ? 9(S)

So if anyone can add to this summary, please reply by return as we need to get the medals ordered and suitably marked up with the correct information, otherwise this is what will be ordered!!! Bernard

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