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by craigdabrown Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:00 am
For the A-Riders who couldn’t make the Coverdale ride, Graham had suggested a standard 10a.m. ride to Helmsley via an anticlockwise loop of Bransdale (Cockayne). So JohnB, JonG, newbie James, Kevin, Tony and myself joined Graham at the square.

I had a quick look at my Garmin records for this ride and I don’t think I’ve ever done the same route twice. On this occasion we headed out through Haxby and Strensall and across to Farlington, where we were supposed to meet IanW but he’d obviously gone on ahead. A jet-lagged Tony, who’d just flown in from L.A., left us at Brandsby and we continued down through Hovingham and on to Fadmoor via Nunnington and Welburn.

The forecast was for showers and we skirted a couple up on the moors which had obviously been heavy enough to deposit a fair amount of surface water on the road. What then became apparent, by the fact that 4 out of the 6 of us were stung in quick succession, was that the bees were going absolutely mad for the gorgeous heather which was in full bloom. They were thudding off us as we rode across the tops and if you stopped on the road the buzzing noise emanating from the heather was incredible. IanW, who had also been stung, was already at the cafe and we watched as the intermittent showers developed into something more persistent. So a bit of a soggy restart as we headed home via Ampleforth, Coxwold and Crayke with a nice tailwind resulting in a bit of a blast back to Wigginton.

A really good ride, just over 80 miles for me, we stayed together all day and James did particularly well as he was suffering with a painful knee for most of the ride.
by Dr Dave Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:17 pm
The Coverdale group set off at 9am. 8 riders gathered in the Square however Dave C had been unwell for a few days and on riding down to the square realised that he wasn't fully recovered and so 7 set off for Middleham (again) John S, James, Rich, Neil S, Ian H, Dr Joe and self.
With everyone taking turns we were soon passing Masham, and were only a few hundred yards from last week's mechanical when James had a puncture. This was quickly fixed and we continued on with only a brief stop shortly after for John who locked up and 'flat-spotted' his rear tyre. Funnily enough this was at a junction that I had previously almost come to grief at a number of years ago - at the end of Green Lane approaching Charlcot; it's a bit of an accident waiting to happen and I'll be cautious there in future.
The next 20 miles up to MIddleham and along Coverdale were really enjoyable although the breeze ensured that a steady effort was needed to ensure progress - James and John having taken flight ahead. The last steep pull up the back of Park Rash wasn't as bad as I was anticipating and we were soon dodging the tourists thronging the Kettlewell scarecrow display before settling into Zarina's cafe 1.30. This was very cyclist friendly, selling gels and with a track-pump available should it be needed.
On leaving the cafe 40 minutes later the tailwind was immediately obvious as we followed the delightful lane down to Grassington. Here a brisk shower soon passed and we ascended Greenhow to the turn for Memwith. From here it's miles of gradual downhill with only a few brief ramps all the way to Spofforth and so it didn't seem to take long before we were on the final run through Cowthorpe and Tockwith where the group splintered as everyone headed for their homes. 115 miles as advertised and a grand day out - thanks to all for the company :)

Keep pedalling!

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