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Weekend Round-up 5th/6th Aug

PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:54 am
by Dr Dave
The Inters on Saturday started early heading for Middleham and thence Coverdale. 8 left the square in good order at 9am: James, John S, Dave C, Ian H, Rich, Dr Joe, Graham and self. A north-westerly meant steady rather than spectacular progress via Cundall and up to West Tanfield. Unfortunately on the climb out of West Tanfield Rich's rear mech cable snapped - having given no prior warning. This left him with 2 choices: either struggle round with 2 gears only or head back. A discussion was had resulting in the group deciding to detour to Ripon where the nearest stockist of Campag compatible gear cable was to be had - namely Moonglu.
Fitting the internally routed cable took a while and so the original route was no longer an option. An early lunch stop in Spa gardens cafe seemed sensible followed by a loop around the moors towards Pateley. Dave C and Dr Joe headed for home whilst the remainder went via Winckley (from whence Graham then branched home via Masham), then up over the moors before branching left and round towards Brimham. After a brief re-grouping progress was spirited as we rode back via Markington with James and John vying for KOM and green jersey points. As we rode through Beningbrough Hall we encountered Graham and so re-united for the rest of the ride into town. I was home just after 4pm with 92 miles done.

The plan - forecast willing - is to try again for Coverdale next week. I'll amend the route slightly to avoid a complete re-tracing of our steps......