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by DavidShort Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:19 pm
Dear All,

Results of tonight's TT as follows;

1. Peter Hook, S, 26:45
2. Andrew Jamieson, V40, 27:39
3. Nigel Goscinski, V50, 28:38
4. Peter Pearson, S, 28:51
5. Martin WILLAN, V40, 28:56
6. Shaun Lawson, S, 29:02
7. James Milner, V50, 30:22
8. Jon Cocker, V40, 30:44
9. Matt Hardy, V40, 31:16
10. Greg Melia, S, 31:27
11. Dave Whiter, V50 32:29
12. Michael Jeffrey, V50, 32:59
13. George Banbury, V40, 33:14
14. Bob Taylor, V50, 33:19
15. Paul Wilson, V40, 35:04
16. David Brown, V60, 36:28

Many thanks to Bernard, Dave I'Anson, Suzie, Hugh, Dave Cook & Ian Hagyard for officiating. Well done to all competitors who put in some excellent times. Congratulations to Peter Hook posting fastest time of the night.

A great series everyone. Here's to next year. I'm pouring a nice cold beer from the fridge & putting my feet up for a bit. see you all soon.

Kind regards David
TT Sec'
by wilsontown Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:42 am
Thanks very much for this, and many thanks to everyone involved in making this series happen. People are giving up their evenings to organise, timekeep, marshal and push off (and I did my bit at standing about in hi vis earlier in the series), and it is very much appreciated. I've really enjoyed the events and have gradually got a bit faster, although still a long way to go...

I'm hoping to be able to ride in the hill climb, work commitments permitting, so with luck will see some of you then.

Paul Wilson
by bianchipete Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:35 pm
Huge thanks to all the marshals, organisers, timekeepers and pusher-offers who make these races happen, and of course a massive thank you to David for organising the whole series. It is very much appreciated!

by DavidShort Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:06 pm
Many thanks to everyone for the kind sentiments both verbally at the road side and in posts on the discussion board. It's been a great series with over 70 different competitors, men, women and juniors. There's a lot of activity behind the scenes to put this series on and I'm particularly grateful to Dawn for totting up the results and publishing the league, Craig for his help and everyone else who contributes by organising, marshalling and time keeping.

Without these willing bands of volunteers these events simply just would not happen. Big thanks of course to all the competitors. There have been some tremendous results this year and I know each and every participant can be justly proud of the times they have achieved. It's just you, the road and the weather conditions against the clock. They don't call it the race of truth for nothing!

I will now sort out all the paperwork, risk assessments etc and liaise with Regional CTT to ensure we get their 'permission' to hold a series next year. There is a Clifton CC committee meeting coming up shortly after which I'll post a time and place for a SPOCO TT review and planning meeting where we can discuss what went well, what didn't go so well and what we could do to improve the series for next year. Watch this space.

Once again my sincere thanks to everyone.

Kind regards David
TT Sec'

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