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by Jon G Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:27 am
I'm sure most might already know but below is notice from North Yorkshire County Council.

It certainly effects me cycling to York on Saturday worse luck which means a diversion via selby, But thought it's worth posting if it effects anybody's commute

"To enable the works to strengthen Cawood swing bridge, as planned the road will be closed on Monday 24 July for six weeks. There will be no access across the bridge for vehicles, cyclist or pedestrians during this period.

In the first couple of weeks the contractor will be stripping the deck of the surfacing material and painting the inside of the parapets and lifting out and replacing a section of the steel road. It may appear possible to walk over the bridge at this time, it will not be safe to do so and the bridge will be closed to pedestrians.

During the closure the bridge will be swung open to river and will remain in that position until the strengthening works have been done to the nose end of the swing span."


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