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by Dawn Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:18 pm
Results from last night's event are as follows. As always a big thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped out.

Andrew Jamieson V40 14.44
Peter Pearson S 15.03
Sam Cockerill V40 15.12
Shaun Lawson S 15.17
Marcus Cockerill J13 16.02
Ian Rankin S 16.11
Paul Warters V40 16.18
Tim Jackson V40 16.28
Scott Caul S 16.41
George Banbury V40 16.47
Keith Greenaway V40 17.06
Ally Lewis V40 17.37
Jill Dowson W 17.39
Josie Lewis J14 17.44
Joe Waterfield J12 17.44
Paul Bergman V50 17.56
Bob Webb J14 18.22
Mark Finch V50 18.59
Joel Shaw S 19.37

If I have spelt your name incorrectly please let me know!


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