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by DavidShort Wed May 31, 2017 4:54 pm
Dear All,
You may be aware that Suzie & I are heading off in the camper van with bikes to Spain tomorrow for the full month of June. Although I will have access to e mails and social media I won’t be checking them regularly so I won’t be as hands on as I like to be re TT stuff.

The purpose of this message is to bring everyone’s attention to the new Wheldrake TT which is being run on the 29th June. A full view of the map of the course can be seen by clicking on the Wheldrake line in the schedule of events on the SPOCO TT page of the web site.

The event is being run in partnership with York Cycle works. Andy Fraser, one of the directors, has agreed to do all the organising, putting the signs out etc. Andy has all the paperwork pertinent to the running of the event. They will use Cycle works signs so there is no need to ship our signs from Sheriff Hutton to Wheldrake. Bernard has offered to time keep though the course will require 2 time keepers. It may be that a member of Cycle works staff will fill this role.

The course starts adjacent to the small industrial estate to the West of Wheldrake, near the junction with Wheldrake lane which goes toward Escrick. There is ample parking space on the industrial estate. There us no need to park in the village.

The finish is 10 miles later, at a point approx. 1 mile East of Wheldrake village. It is at the end of a straight with good sight lines for timekeepers and a good stretch of road before the village for competitors to warm down and go back to the start.

I have recced’ the route with Andy Fraser who is familiar with the start and finish and all the paperwork re signing on sheets, dynamic RA’s etc.

Bernard has kindly offered to be ‘liaison officer’ between Clifton CC and York Cycleworks. Good communication in the lead up to the event will ensure we have no problems that crop up on the night.

From feedback I have received it is likely that this event will be very well attended. It is a very fast pan flat course with only 2 left turns at road junctions. We have even had enquiries from visitors to York who have picked up on the event from the Cycleworks facebook page.

The club policy is that we can accept entries from non Clifton CC members as ‘guests of the club’ so long as they are a member of a recognised cycling club. Any such entrants though will have to wait until all Cliftonites , Cycleworks and Malton wheelers have signed on. If there is capacity in the 40 competitor maximum we are allowed then they should be invited to ride.

Weather permitting this event holds exciting prospects. A new course and a new venture with a partner club. We will still need marshals and pusher offers etc so please help out if you can.

Have a great event!
Kind regards David

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