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by Dr Dave Sat Mar 29, 2014 8:54 pm
Burnsall for the Inters this week. 11 riders left for our film shoot on the Knavesmire - Scott, Fin & Jen, Matt, Graham, Richard, Jon G, John B, Dave W, & Kevin. After a couple of 'fly-bys' for the camera we headed west via Pannal to Greenhow Hill. Richard - a new face to me at least - had turned back, the remainder enjoyed a wind assisted blast down through Appletreewick to Burnsall.
A dodgy moment with a speed wobble at 45mph resulted in a spot of impromptu cyclocross by yours truly so it was with relief that lunch was taken in the Red Lion whilst prospective wedding parties cased the joint( the cafe being packed with a group from the East Bradford club).
The ride home was quite a slog into what had become a brisk, chilly Easterly
breeze. Legs grew heavy and the miles passed slowly. I arrived home just making my first 100 mile ride of the year. Thanks to all for an excellent ride, looking forward to seeing the coast next week!

Keep pedalling!
by Allan Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:14 pm
4 in the square for the 8.45 ride that was postponed until 9. Tony G led us on a fine route through Kirkham, up Birdsall, into Thix and around Milly Pastures. 58 miles with 2200ft of climbing and back for 12.30. I even managed to stay with them (apart from on the climbs of course).


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------ (+) / (+)______ better by bike!
by Darren N Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:23 pm
Illegitimate Banks.

What a day! Perfect weather, a barely noticeable Easterly breeze, not too hot or we would have been micro-waved on the climbs. 12 started, 5 opted out in the morning session for various reasons, which left 7 self-proclaimed hard-core types to finish the ride from mid-morning onwards. From where I sat, the others should take a serious bow because they were all absolutely sensational today without exception - Steen, Sue, Andy G, Rob, Eric & Peter H.

As for the detail, 8 big climbs were advertised but we went for the BOGOF offer (Buy one get one free). It went like this:

1. Dream Bank - Kicked off with one of the hardest climbs of the day, (clock said 7.00am, body clock said 6.00am!), struggled to find my legs early as I climbed out of bed, eventually had to put a foot down.

2. Barclays Bank - Looped past this bank to open up navigation path to 10th climb of the day, the Food Bank. Approached with caution, preferred to do it alone, jury’s out as to whether I felt richer or poorer for the experience.

3. High Town Bank (Parallel with White Horse Bank) – In short, this was a shocker! - A narrow, steep crumbly path. Struggled to stay upright as the wheels spun on loose gravel, leaf litter and damp broken tarmac. Most found it tough, lungs almost popped. Andy G once told me of an old adage from a wise man about how to approach a long ride: “Last up the first climb, first up the last climb”. Well, on that basis, I absolutely nailed the first climb of the day!

4. Sutton Bank - Felt good on this bank, best ride of the day for me, got into a nice gear early and found a nice rhythm – To be fair, probably helped that we were going down it rather than up it.

7. Boltby (Sneck Yate) Bank – It’s Mothers Day and this is the Mother-in-law of all climbs. A real trap for young players to go too hard too early on this one – it’s a monster concave climb, ie. the higher you go, the steeper it gets. The final kink to the right is the doorway to freedom at the top of the world, offered prayers to climbing gods. At this point our love affair with Rievaulx began.

8. Murton Bank – A long difficult climb above Hawnby. Rewarded with great views at the top, probably best of the day. Now back to Rievaulx.

9. River Bank – Opted for the footbridge along this one rather than take a dip in the ford, smart move, all stayed dry.

10. Caydale Mill Bank – Big climb out of the ford, starting to feel cumulative effects of climbing and altitude sickness. Followed up with another difficult climb out of Rievaulx which I now notice was a transition stage and didn’t even count!

11. Bradley Bank into Scawton – 16% gradient. I think what made this one difficult was the long drag up the road before we even got to the bank. Made it up OK, but petrol gauge close to empty.

12. Food bank – Steen took us to the Gliding Club above Whitehorse Bank. Never been there before but fantastic venue! – really added to the novelty of the day. We got into a bit of glider talk with the locals - Misty conditions meant no-one was going up because of the lack of ‘horizontal visuals’. Great place to re-fuel.

13. White Horse Bank - Another downer, made a change from the traditional post-lunch lung-buster. Don’t know why we didn’t go down all the climbs like this instead of going up them, it’s so much easier! Maybe a tip for next year to get everyone signed up in the right frame of mind – call it the “8 descents”, just don’t tell anyone about what links them.

14. Wass bank – Said to be the origin of the street phrase "Wassup" - because it does, ...go up, I mean. A beautiful climb through the forest. Exited onto main road for blast downwind to Sproxton.

15. Beacon Bank into Ampleforth – A slow grinder, Like La Cage aux Folles - very draggy! Legs tiring.

16. Painter Rig Bank – Not sure I've ever done this before, - getting delirious...

17. Yearsley Bank – Head fell off.

18. Blood Bank - shed tears and sweat onto this one, had little left, lucky there’s no more climbing!

19. Memory Bank - cleared this nicely, left message: “Absolutely sensational day, but remember to buy some climbing legs before doing this again”.

We blasted back to York on the flat after Yearsley Bank – doubled average speed for the day in final miles. On Andy G’s old adage, there remained a little climb as I approached home – managed to be “first up the last climb!” Also, Rob will thank me for not cracking the most obvious bank joke.

Garmin profile was like a saw-tooth – climb after climb after climb. 105 miles with elevation gain of 6,444 ft. One thing is for certain based on today – Steen is the Man! Sensational day, everyone loved it.


by Rob Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:30 am
Congratulations to Steen on a superbly crafted route. Rarely a repeated road and a couple of new climbs for me. Despite the severity of the terrain, the group stayed together really well, with rarely more than a minute between first and last on the big ascents and a fag-paper between us on the steadier stuff.

Steen's creativity should surely be put to greater things - I'm talking a modern day Bletchley Park, Fermat's Last Theorem or the search for Dark Matter.....
by G. Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:10 am
But Rob, Fermat's last theorem was solved 20 years ago!

(No cycling for me this weekend, I went sailing instead.)
by Rob Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:21 am
Steen kept that one quiet....
by Jon G Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:50 pm
As said A ride for me to Burnsall. Slight surprise in destination when you think your going to Pateley Bridge. It made for along ride for this time of year but it it as to be said its worth the effort for the quiet lanes and scenery albeit in very hazy sunshine with mist hanging on the hills. Plenty of cyclists out which as said the cafe in Burnsall was packed which meant we ate in the red lion. Decent enough fayre though. Good efforts were made on the front by Matt , the 2 Daves, JohnB and Scott on the way back when a few were struggling which kept the pace consistent.

And by the way I hope nobody thought I had a problem when I dropped off the back I decided to turn off at long Marston to go back through Askam Richard etc. to get back on the cycle path. I apologise if any of you stopped to wait if indeed you realised I'd disappeared. :oops:

Jon :D

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